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Tooth extraction is necessary to remove a severely infected, decayed, or mobile tooth. In some cases of orthodontic treatment, patients may also require extractions of some teeth, usually premolars and wisdom teeth. Non-functional wisdom teeth may also be indicated for extraction as they are not beneficial to eating, and are usually at the back of the mouth in harder to access areas, making it difficult to brush and clean and more prone to decay and gum issues. Prior to a tooth extraction, local anaesthesia will be given to ensure numbness to the tooth and the surrounding gums and tissue, ensuring that the procedure will be painless. You may still feel pressure from the forces used to extract your tooth, but you should not be experiencing pain. Rest assured that you will be in good hands with our dentists who will ensure a smooth and pain-free procedure.

For pediatric patients, some mobile deciduous or “baby” teeth may not require local anaesthesia. Topical anaesthesia in the form of a gel may be applied to the surrounding gums to numb the tissue, prior to removing the baby tooth. In some cases where a difficult extraction is expected or a risk of fracture of the tooth is high, your dentist may warn you of a possible need for a surgery to remove the offending tooth.
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