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Dentures are removable artificial teeth that are a great option for patients who are missing multiple teeth in the mouth. Dentures can help a patient improve a patient’s smile, speech, chewing function and facial profile. There are many materials used for the fabrication of dentures including: acrylic, cobalt chromium, flexible dentures, etc. For a set of new dentures, it is important to understand that it takes time for you to adapt and get used to the fit and function of a denture. You may be required to return to your dental clinic for adjustment of the denture for a more comfortable fit. For patients with complete loss of all teeth, a set of full dentures can be fabricated to restore your teeth. As there are no teeth left for supporting the denture, retention of the denture will rely on the bone and gums in the mouth. For some patients with flatter bone, the retention of the denture may be compromised. Your dentist may encourage placement of some implants to help support and retain the denture better.

If you struggle with a loose denture, do enquire with a dental professional about implant supported dentures. There are a few options for replacement of missing teeth: implants, bridges, dentures. Do make an appointment with our dental professional to find out more about the differences and benefits between these treatment options.
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